Craigslist Scammers

Scammers are everywhere.

Craigslist scammers.
Online scammers.

There are scams involving houses for sale.
There are scams involving houses for rent.
There are scams involving cars.
There are scams involving smart phones for sale.
There are scams involving tickets for sale.
There are scams involving buying your stuff.
The whole stinkin' world is full of scams.

You can be the victim of a scam if you're not careful.

Not a scam:
Casual Encounter Ads

How to spot a scam:

  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Don't send money to somebody you don't know.
  • If they ask you to send money using a Western Union money transfer, run.
  • If it involves a house or an apartment, ask the "landlord" to show you proof they own it. Utility bills, title or deed, letters mailed to them at that address, talk to neighbors.
  • Rentals: NEVER pay a deposit unless you've seen the place and have confirmed the "landlord" you're talking to does, indeed, own the property.
  • If they send you a check for too much money then ask you to send some of it back to them, it's a scam.
  • Never meet anyone you don't know to look at merchandise for sale.

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